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About Quabo

Learn more about Quabo Consulting.

Quabo Consulting is a fast-growing consulting firm that provides management consulting and corporate finance services to expanding SMEs.

Quabo seeks to partner with small- to medium-sized businesses to help them achieve their managerial and financial goals. We provide our clients with cost-effective access to value-added financial expertise and solutions to complex managerial and decision-making challenges.

We use the latest technology, which enables us to conduct research and to manage client engagements and needs in a paperless and remote environment.

Quabo Consulting maintains standards of independence, professional objectivity, and technical excellence. Our approach is designed to provide the flexibility to serve the unique circumstances and complexities of our clients. Our approach is to understand a client’s business, the risks it faces, and its internal controls. We will then leverage our extensive professional and technical resources to address any specific circumstances and challenge of each client.

Our engagements can be as short as a quick assessment lasting only a few days, or a project like a sale or acquisition, to long-term growth management and execution over an extended period of time. All businesses need sound financial and business management, the question is how much — and at what level and cost. Quabo Consulting can provide the right experience and skill sets for your immediate needs, and then customize our services as your business changes.

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